event time!!

Discuss here when to hold the Karaoke event. I think Friday or Saturday night would be ideal. Should it be a Skype chat? MSN chat? or should it just happen on twitter? Let's hear your opinions.

modpost? ...lol not rly
Because this isn't srs bsns. 8la HEY GUYS THERE ARE "RULES" NOW. [on da profile] Which basically say "THERE ARE NO RULES LOLOLOL" so I guess there's no point. Mm see I fail at modposting because I have no heart to be anal except when it comes to 'HAVE FUN ;w;'.

Anyway, everyone who's a member is free to post stuff on this comm. That includes RP-inspired doodles, writings, questions, 'OI X GET OUT OF HERE', person-directed shout-outs -- whatever. It's all good. The only thing that is not good is if you cause wank, so uh, that's like the only thing we really need to care about haha. [Hopefully this will never happen.]

BY THE WAY THIS IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS THING: if anyone has like, a particular layout they want this comm to have, please comment here and yell at me or I will go and change it on my own because THIS LAYOUT IS BORING ;__;

Oh and IDK how much I must stress this but seriously, you guys are free to do whatever/spam the hell out of this place as long as wank doesn't start but I'm sure we are all awesome people 8Db


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